Wedgie Toss

get some distance...


Try to smash high windows to score high points!...
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Nanaca Crash

Get it as far as you can....
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Shoot the Sky.

How far can you get. Shoot your cannon at the clouds. Land on a cloud to go futher....

Olympic Discus Throw

Throw the discus as far as you can. *Set to 3 decimal places...
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Tire Toss

Keine Beschreibung gefunden....

Speartoss 5 Shots

Have 5 throws, and your score is them all added together....

Skip Rock

Skip the rocks as far as you can!...
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Pig Blaster

Escape from the pig pen using a combination of farting skills and aviation techniques....

Suicide Puppy

Get the puppy as far as you can...
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Rats & Spears

How far can you throw the spear?...
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Snowball roll

Avoid the trees and buildings....
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Throw It

Throw the ball far as you can...
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Wart Hog Launch

Move the Sliders at the bottom to change the angle of the launch...
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The Return to Pearl Harbor

Jump the boat as far as you can...
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Prison Throw

Throw the in-mate as far as you can....
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Pirates of Dance

The longer you press the mouse button, the more powder you pour into it, Release the mouse button to...
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Snowball Of Doom

A giant runaway snowball is threatening your safety, run as fast as you can and jump over any obstac...
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Turtle Shot

See In Game...
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Volcano Jump

Leap over the active volcano....
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Turnier der Woche

Try Dem Perks

Try Dem Perks

Score as many points as possible by playing throught several rounds of a Solitaire style game
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